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Los Angeles Clippers – better believe the hype

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There are more than enough posts about there praising Blake Griffin for what he is (an excellent athletic basketball player with real skills <- rare!) and for what he isn’t (funny <- yeah, I've seen the videos on YouTube and they are cute – but that's not him. He is a nice guy, but don't try to be funny. You can only fail…just be yourself).

Blake is bringing the s…tuff! He is dunking hard, blocking shots recklessly and even distributing the ball. With DeAndre Jordan as his running mate and CP3 distributing the ball, the Clippers are the team to watch this season. People tend to forget that the Clippers are actually a decent team. They won’t win the championship (yet), but they are better than you think.

...finally, this means something again!

Do you know where Caron Butler is playing right now? No? How about the Los Angeles Clippers? Yeah…yes…I’m not kidding you. Butler is kinda like Lamar Odom – only missing the Kardashian. As the Sport’s Guy would say: he doesn’t take anything off the table, but he can do a whole lot for your – no matter what you need. Points? Check! Assists? Check! Rebounds? Check! Defense? Check! He had his (un-)fair share of injury problems, but he will be back better than ever including the…


The Clippers miss a few key guys coming from the bench to keep the energy up through the whole game. They have a decent point guard back-up in Chauncey Billups, but other than that…

Time will solve this problem: ‘Til then…LOB CITY!!!


The Detroit Pistons – helping to improve YOUR team

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Well, it’s Christmas time and we all know what this is about. Being unselfish, helping those in need and handing out a present or two to people you like (or are related to…).

That’s exactly what the Pistons are doing for the other NBA teams since a couple years. Very nice…unless you care about things like improving your own team or small things like that. Let me explain:

Chicago Bulls

Man, I really do miss Rip Hamilton. He had his fair share of problems in the last few seasons, because of the coaching changes and a few other factors we probably don’t know enough about to judge him. I don’t know what it is with the Bulls, but they kinda love the players the Pistons don’t want to keep or can’t keep (see Ben Wallace a couple years ago).

Rip will probably have an outstanding year in Chicago, at least this is what I hope. He used tob e a class act and the last few seasons kinda dimnished that (which I think is unfair). Of course I’m rooting for Detroit, but he brought a championship to Motown – this has to count for something, doesn’t it?

The only game he has played with Chicago so far was a pre-season game, but man…did he look good on the court. Liket he commentator said: he played like he is part of the roster since years. He can shoot (as we all know), but he can make plays for other guys too and he has a very high basketball IQ. Everybody will act all surprised when he goes back to his usual self (aka before Curry and Kuester took the fun away for him).

Los Angeles Clippers

When you have Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan on your team and you go for one point guard, it gives you a new nickname: Lob City. That is a fitting nickname! CP3 to Blake Griffin all day long…yeah, they ain’t former Pistons, but Chauncey Billups is. He is getting older, but his style hardly was based on speed and flash – he is more about size, making good decisions, playing hard defense – effort. Those skills don’t go away with age. Being the back-up for CP3 is the perfect role for him at this age.

Let me just say one thing: it is very sad, as a Pistons fan, to see your starting backcourt from the championship days separated – one guy in Chicago and one in L.A. – but I guess that’s the business part of the game.


Anyway, what I don’t get about this thing is why we are keeping Tayshaun Prince. It doesn’t fit. Don’t get me wrong, I really do like Prince and I hope his former, humble self will rub off on our young guys, but getting rid of about everyone and re-signing him for a couple years just doesn’t really make sense. I doubt that we are going to trade him. He has a lot left and he can teach our youngsters a lot, which I’m totally looking forward to. I trust in Joe D and I think he knows what he is doing.

Tayshaun Prince

People tend to forget how much those players meant (and still mean) to Detroit. Sports fans can be cruel – they want to get rid of you as soon as you aren’t at your best. They hardly ever give you a chance for redemption – players are treated like animals sometimes. Well…animals that get paid millions of dollars, but still…that’s not fair. Tay will make this team better – on the court, off the court – overall! Go TAY! 🙂

What I learnt while watching Nuggets @ Pistons

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  • This Pistons team is all heart & hustle!
  • I still can’t root against Chauncey Billups. For me, he’ll always be a part of the Pistons – even when he is dropping 21 points on us and nearly hitting the game winner for Denver.
  • Rodney Stuckey isn’t Mr. Big Shot 2.0 yet, but he is on his way. We shouldn’t try to nickname him the same as Chauncey, tough. Stuckey is a big guard like Chauncey, but that’s about it – they play very different styles of basketball.
  • Ben Wallace is playing the best basketball I’ve seen from him since he left the Pistons in the first place. You can’t compare what he did in Chicago or Cleveland with what he is doing now. About 15 boards a game and a combined 5 blocks and steals per game is what he gives you every night – how awesome is that?
  • Jonas Jerebko isn’t in the discussion for Rookie Of The Year yet and probably won’t get there anytime soon, but this guy is a real basketball player. He can do it all. Defend (Melo went for 40+, but Melo is…Melo…league of his own scoring-wise right now), score inside and outside, go for loose balls like his life would depend on it, pass, drive, dish…you name it, he can do it.
  • Ben Wallace Add-On: Is he the most underrated passer/ball-distributor big man in the league right now or what?
  • Melo went for 40+, Chauncey dropped 20+…not enough to get the W in Motown…how many of us thought the Pistons would go 4-0 over the last four games? Be honest…

This team is surprising me every time I watch a game. I don’t know if I’ve been that excited on a game-to-game-basis ever – there just aren’t any letdowns and the team is bringing the effort night in & night out. Keep it up!

Chauncey Billups named Sportsmanship Award winner

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Chauncey got the Joe Dumars trophy – which reflects fair play, integrity and behavior on and off the court. (Is it just me or is it ironic that Chauncey got a trophy named after the guy who traded him?)

Anyway, this award is special, because each team nominates one of it’s players for this award and NBA players vote who gets it. This tells us two things:

  1. NBA players know that Chauncey Billups is a class act.
  2. The Denver Nuggets know that Melo isn’t. Just kidding, Melo is running wild on the Hornets right now. He will have to step it up in the next series, tho.

Congrats on winning the award, Chauncey! This playoffs are special and I hope that the Nuggets will make the Western Conference Finals and give the Lakers a run for their money.

Mr. Big Shot

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Amazing things happen on the various basketball courts around the NBA. Posterizing dunks, unbelievable passes, superstars cutting through defenders like they are seeing everything happening in slow motion, shooters feeling it and throwing up cruise missiles that just can’t miss…but there is one thing that is even more special.

# 1

# 1

It is hard to put into words, but it is basically the moment when a player takes on the mentality of the city he is playing for (and the fans take on the mentality of the player) – the moment you realize that you have an amazing franchise player. There are only so many guys that you would love to be the spokesman of your city – so many things have to fall into place: talent on the court, class act off the court, a true leader, a guy who can take over games, delivering in the clutch, always having the confidence you need to win…

Mr. Big Shot was Detroit.

You couldn’t wish to have a better person on your roster. He knew how to lead a team, how to motivate others and when it was time to put his mark on the game – all while looking like it’s nothing. Don’t get me wrong, you could see him fighting for it, but when he made the shot every gesture of him was screaming: What did you expect? Of course this shot was going in. Like there was a doubt about it…sheesh… but in a non-arrogant way. You figure out…

You are probably asking yourself why I’m writing about Mr. Big Shot as if he is dead. Well, because he is. Chauncey Billups is still alive, of course, but Mr. Big Shot retired the day they traded Chauncey to the Nuggets. I’m not trying to say that Billups left his clutch shooting in Detroit, but that his nickname was more than a nickname – it was a bond between the city and him. You know, I’m pretty sure people will talk about him in thirty years:

Like we would ever forget…

I’ve been watching a few Nuggets games before the trade, because it was fun watching Melo, A.I. and J.R. Smith kill other teams when they were hot, but there were plenty of chaotic things happening on the court. They lacked somebody who knows how to manage a game, control the speed and set up other players in positions were they thrive.

After Chauncey arrived, they had what they needed. I don’t know who the leader of the team is, but I know who is actually controlling the game on the floor: the born leader. Some guys just know how to do it.

Do you think Rodney Stuckey would be the same player he is now without the time he spent watching Chauncey from the bench or in training?

To stop all my chaotic babbling and bring it to an end: Thank you, Chauncey. Thank you, not only for the player you are, but for the person you are. No matter where you play and what you do, you will forever be a Detroit Piston.

The Denver Nuggets are very entertaining

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As you probably already know if you have visited this blog, I’m a die-hard Pistons fan and if you still remember the Iverson – Billups trade a few weeks back, you know that it was pretty tough, because I wasn’t willing to give up on the Pistons starting 5 of the last few years.

On the Detroit side it was pretty crazy. Iverson is still Iverson, he is who he is and he does what he does. We didn’t know what to expect, but we knew one thing: We will definitely miss Chauncey Billups aka Mr. Big Shot. He knows how to run an offense and how to keep your team in the game when it matters. He is willing to take big shots and he makes ’em. For somebody who knows how to take over a game, he still had no problem with sacrificing his stats for the team and that is probably his biggest strength. He is the total package, but he kinda went under the radar for most of his career. I still think that most people forgot that he was the FInals MVP once and that he is easily one of the best old school/not-too-flashy point guards in the league.

Well, now the good people in Denver know what I’m talking about…right? I was watching as many Denver Nuggets games as I could even before the trade, because they always played a pretty entertaining style of basketball. Now, with Cuancey, the game flow got so much better and the game is more beautiful to watch. Hardly any prayers to beat the shot clock anymore, not as many isolations on offense…just a team run by a great point guard. You can see it. The difference is huge.

Chauncey Billups #7

Chauncey Billups #7

Plus, Chauncey is a real leader and a good locker room guy. I always thought that he keeps the different Pistons personalities in check. See, here is what Kenyon Martin had to say after yesterdays 104-94 win over the Houston Rockets:

“We just have somebody on the court who loves winning and knows game situations and controls the game. It’s great having him. I told him right after the game: ‘I appreciate you being here’.”

That’s what I’m talking about, but it doesn’t stop here. Give it up for Rockets coach Rick Adelman:

“You’ve got to give Billups a lot of credit, he really took the game over that second half. Made a lot shots, which he’s capable of, and he made some nice playmaking plays to find other people when we were coming at him.”

Everybody knows what Billups can and will do for his team.

Rodney Stuckey better turn out to be great. 😀

NBA Playoffs Preview May 10

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Orlando Magic vs. Detroit Pistons

1 – 2

Game 4, 5PM @ ESPN

Orlando won their first home game against a Pistons. The score ( 111 – 86) indicates like it was a blowout, but it wasn’t. The teams scored in runs and Magic had a few more runs. The Pistons nearly tied the game at the end of the 3rd, but Orlando came out red hot in the 4th and made it rain.

Rashard Lewis is stepping his game up at the right time. The basket looked like the ocean to him and he knocked down shots like he couldn’t miss. 11/15 and 5/6 from deep good for 33 points (playoff career-high)…a few easy looks, but mostly contested jumpers.

As you probably saw/heard, Chauncey Billups tried a few ballet moves on the court and strained his right hamstring. Don’t worry, the Pistons condition guy, Arnie Kander, is a genius and he will get Chauncey back on the court soon. Hopefully today.

Rasheed Wallace had the worst +/- stat (-30) in game 3 and you should expect him to bounce back. The early foul trouble and the ticky-tacky calls from the referees took him out of his game. You wanna protect Dwight Howard in the paint? He is like 7′ and 280, he can handle that himself. Just imagine those calls when young Shaq played…he would have dropped 50 on your head every game.

You wanna know why the Pistons lost? I think they left their bench in Detroit. If you count Stuckey as a starter in this one (and he kinda was, because Chauncey played 4 minutes), Detroits bench scored 8 points…combined…6 guys of the bench scored 8 points. That won’t happen again. They got the best bench of all playoff teams and they will show you that I’m right today.

Well, the Magic won at home, because Rashard was hot, Turkoglu held his crazy shots to a minimum (seen the last shot from Hedo in game 2?), Dwight Howard did everything you need him to do and the refereees did their part. I’m not against calling fouls and the referees did a good job of calling about the same amount on both teams, but most fouls weren’t fouls…just good rough playoff basketball.

Prediction: Detroit wins game 4

This depends on Billups health. If he is ready to go, the Pistons will win this one even if the Magic get hot from three. If Chauncey doesn’t play, it could be a nail-biter. I’m pretty sure that Detroit will win, because the defensive lapses they had in game 3 are easy to stamp out. Easy adjustments on the defensive end will prevent Orlando from getting that many open 3-pointers and I expect the Pistons bigs to do a better job on Howard. Detroit’s D is much worse without Chauncey…and Flip, if you read this: Give Prince the ball. He always scores or creates plays against Orlando. They somehow can’t stop him…don’t ask me why, just watch the game and you will see what I’m talking about.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics

0 – 2

Game 3, 8 PM @ ABC

There isn’t much to say. Cleveland is bad at making adjustments on the offensive end…you know, something like giving the ball to a player not named James or running plays. Their offense depends so much on LeBron and offensive rebounding that it is very hard for them to win if you take one of those two things away. With LeBron stuggling in game 1 and 2 the Celtics could win the games without too much trouble. Of course, game 1 was close, but the Celtics always looked like the better team.

Game 2 looked like the Cavs could take when they got a big lead early, but the Celtics tied the game, got a decent lead and cruised to victory.

Ben Wallace isn’t at 100% health right now (inner ear infection & dizziness) and it is a game time decision if he will even play tonight. He got older and isn’t as fast as he used to be, but he is nonetheless a big part of their D and the Cavs look worse when he doesn’t play. Varejoke brings some energy, but…he sucks. He is so annoying…and that is his best trait as a basketball player. Congrats, Varejao.

Prediction: Cavaliers win game 3

Why? Well, the Celtics have to prove that they can win on the road and I think that it is time for LeBron to bounce back and take over like he did last year. It would make the series more fun to watch…