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Los Angeles Clippers – better believe the hype

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There are more than enough posts about there praising Blake Griffin for what he is (an excellent athletic basketball player with real skills <- rare!) and for what he isn’t (funny <- yeah, I've seen the videos on YouTube and they are cute – but that's not him. He is a nice guy, but don't try to be funny. You can only fail…just be yourself).

Blake is bringing the s…tuff! He is dunking hard, blocking shots recklessly and even distributing the ball. With DeAndre Jordan as his running mate and CP3 distributing the ball, the Clippers are the team to watch this season. People tend to forget that the Clippers are actually a decent team. They won’t win the championship (yet), but they are better than you think.

...finally, this means something again!

Do you know where Caron Butler is playing right now? No? How about the Los Angeles Clippers? Yeah…yes…I’m not kidding you. Butler is kinda like Lamar Odom – only missing the Kardashian. As the Sport’s Guy would say: he doesn’t take anything off the table, but he can do a whole lot for your – no matter what you need. Points? Check! Assists? Check! Rebounds? Check! Defense? Check! He had his (un-)fair share of injury problems, but he will be back better than ever including the…


The Clippers miss a few key guys coming from the bench to keep the energy up through the whole game. They have a decent point guard back-up in Chauncey Billups, but other than that…

Time will solve this problem: ‘Til then…LOB CITY!!!


The Detroit Pistons – helping to improve YOUR team

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Well, it’s Christmas time and we all know what this is about. Being unselfish, helping those in need and handing out a present or two to people you like (or are related to…).

That’s exactly what the Pistons are doing for the other NBA teams since a couple years. Very nice…unless you care about things like improving your own team or small things like that. Let me explain:

Chicago Bulls

Man, I really do miss Rip Hamilton. He had his fair share of problems in the last few seasons, because of the coaching changes and a few other factors we probably don’t know enough about to judge him. I don’t know what it is with the Bulls, but they kinda love the players the Pistons don’t want to keep or can’t keep (see Ben Wallace a couple years ago).

Rip will probably have an outstanding year in Chicago, at least this is what I hope. He used tob e a class act and the last few seasons kinda dimnished that (which I think is unfair). Of course I’m rooting for Detroit, but he brought a championship to Motown – this has to count for something, doesn’t it?

The only game he has played with Chicago so far was a pre-season game, but man…did he look good on the court. Liket he commentator said: he played like he is part of the roster since years. He can shoot (as we all know), but he can make plays for other guys too and he has a very high basketball IQ. Everybody will act all surprised when he goes back to his usual self (aka before Curry and Kuester took the fun away for him).

Los Angeles Clippers

When you have Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan on your team and you go for one point guard, it gives you a new nickname: Lob City. That is a fitting nickname! CP3 to Blake Griffin all day long…yeah, they ain’t former Pistons, but Chauncey Billups is. He is getting older, but his style hardly was based on speed and flash – he is more about size, making good decisions, playing hard defense – effort. Those skills don’t go away with age. Being the back-up for CP3 is the perfect role for him at this age.

Let me just say one thing: it is very sad, as a Pistons fan, to see your starting backcourt from the championship days separated – one guy in Chicago and one in L.A. – but I guess that’s the business part of the game.


Anyway, what I don’t get about this thing is why we are keeping Tayshaun Prince. It doesn’t fit. Don’t get me wrong, I really do like Prince and I hope his former, humble self will rub off on our young guys, but getting rid of about everyone and re-signing him for a couple years just doesn’t really make sense. I doubt that we are going to trade him. He has a lot left and he can teach our youngsters a lot, which I’m totally looking forward to. I trust in Joe D and I think he knows what he is doing.

Tayshaun Prince

People tend to forget how much those players meant (and still mean) to Detroit. Sports fans can be cruel – they want to get rid of you as soon as you aren’t at your best. They hardly ever give you a chance for redemption – players are treated like animals sometimes. Well…animals that get paid millions of dollars, but still…that’s not fair. Tay will make this team better – on the court, off the court – overall! Go TAY! 🙂

2009/11/27 – NBA games to watch

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12 games tonight – if you don’t have the league pass your options are limited to a few games, but if you are lucky enough to call the league pass your own, you have to choose which games to watch (tough situation, isn’t it? Nearly as tough as ‘Sophie’s Choice’…but not quiet there yet). We’ll try to help you a bit with that.

Southeast Showdown

Washington Wizards @ Miami Heat

The Wizards aren’t as good as people thought they would be before the season. Their chemistry on the court and in the locker room isn’t quiet what it used to be a few years ago when they made their little run in the playoffs (LeBron put a quick end to that). With the return of Antawn Jamison, still one of the most underrated players in the game, you have to watch out for them.

Miami on the other hand is the exact opposite. Nobody believed in them, they started the season on a pretty nice winning streak, but now they are falling apart midway through. They still won 6 of their last 10, so don’t let the hype get to you.

Going against a division rival usually results in a way more intense game, so keep an eye on this one (it’s on ESPN – shouldn’t be too hard). Not the best game tonight, but it has a lot of what we like to call ‘buzzerbeater-potential’.

Atlantic Showdown

Toronto Raptors @ Boston Celtics

#1 and #2 from the Atlantic divison will meet tonight at 07:30 pm. How awesome is this game going to be? Playing a division rival and both teams feel to need to prove themselves to the audience…

Toronto isn’t looking as good as you would expect by taking a look at their roster. Chris Bosh is playing out of his mind, but his supporting cast isn’t quiet there yet. Turkoglu (pretty overrated in my humble opinion, but a good player nonetheless) needs to step his game up and I’m pretty sure he wants to repeat his awesome performance from the last playoffs. Do you think the Celtics still remember this one?

I’m sure they do. A little extra motivation can’t hurt. The Celtics, who won 11 games so far by the way, are getting it from the media lately – Sheed can’t shoot, the don’t defend like they used to, Garnett isn’t as good as he was before his injury…bla bla bla…this guys will go for the kill tonight, no taking prisoners approach.

If you can only watch one game tonight and you aren’t a fan of a particular team, I’d go with this one.

Honorable mentions

San Antonio Spurs @ Houston Rockets

Okay, yeah, putting a game like this in as a honorable mention is a shame, I know. This is one of the better match-ups tonight, but not as good as watching KG go against Bosh. It is better as Miami vs. Wizards, tho. I’m too lazy to edit it…anyway, watch this game if you are into team basketball and want to know how the game is supposed to be played instead of how most teams play it. The Rockets are always a joy to watch and the Spurs…well, if it wasn’t for injuries, they would have a better record, but they will come through when it matters – like every year.

Atlanta Hawks @ Philly 76ers

The team that is and the team that could be – for me, they were pretty much the same team for a long time: athletic, got a decent go-to guy, lacked a few shooters to put them over the top…one team got Bibby, Crawford and improved a lot while the other…well, still has Andre Igoudala and Williams was coming into his own before he got injured for the next 8 weeks.

Expect a fast, fun-to-watch game, but it won’t be close, I guess.

Los Angeles Clippers @ Detroit Pistons

Yeah, I know, nobody but a fan would watch this game, but well…this is a Pistons blog and I’ll take this game over all the other games any day. Crazy, I know, but I guess I’ll have to live with it.

Marcus Camby is a Clipper?

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Maybe losing Elton Brand wasn’t that bad after all? According to ESPN this is a done deal.

The Clippers get: Marcus Camby, defensive player of the year 2006-2007, who is averaging 10.7 points, 9.7 rebounds, 2.68 locks and a steal per game. More than decent.

The Nuggets get: the right to swap second round picks in 2010

You read that right. The Clippers offered the Nuggets enough salary cap flexibility that they got Camby for, well, nothing. The Nuggets now have a trade exception worth 10mil they can use in the next 365 days. Actually not that bad.

Marcus Camby can’t replace Eltron Brand on offense, but he is a great interior defense guy and combined with Chris Kaman, the Clippers have a pretty nice frontcourt.

Question is: What will happen next with Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith? Who will help them out up front? Nene should be playing this year (at least I hope so) which makes things easier. Anyway, they better use their trade exception to get somebody who can help this team getting out of the 1st round in the playoffs.

Knicks trying to trade Randolph?

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Here we go again, some rumors are floating through the world wide web. The Knicks are trying to move Zach Randolph and his big contract (48$ mil/3 years) to make some room under the salary cap to be ready to go after some big names in 2010. According to this article the Clippers have shown some interest in replacing Elton Brand with Zach Randolph. What can they offer? Uhm, nothing? I don’t like Randolph and if the rumors are true, the Knicks don’t like him either.

Anyway, they should get rid of him and start rebuilding for real. Getting big name free agents every second year isn’t helping, right? Do it the right way. Get rid of this bum and try to get as much talent as possible in return.

BTW: Whats up with Stephon Marbury? Is there anyone out there who would still trade for him?

Corey Maggette will sign with the Warriors (?)

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Here wo go again. Is it true? Marc Stein says yes, it is – verbal agreement, ladies and gentlemen. If Brand is going to the 76ers, the Warriors need to look for someone else and that someone is Corey Maggette. (That would make the Clippers the biggest losers this year in free agency although they signed Baron Davis – crazy)

I can imagine Corey Maggette playing in the Warriors run and gun offense, but more in a slashing and cutting to the rim kinda role than a shooting one. He is better shooter than people give him credit for, but he still shouldn’t take shots at will. Last season he hit .384 from 3-pt land (career high) and .458 from the field, but what he does best is drawing fouls: 9.7 free throws/game and knocking down .812%.

He gave the Clippers 22 points/game, 5.6 rebounds/game, 3 assists/game and a steal/game. That are great numbers. Is he underrated? Probably – not because of his stats, but because people think that he is injury prone. He played 70+ games the last two seasons. He is a guy that will miss 10-15 games per season, but if he gives you 22 points and a couple of rebounds and assists per game, it is worth it.

The big question is: Who will get him the ball? Boom Dizzle is going Hollywood and Monta Ellis couldn’t pass the ball through two defenders if his life depended on it. We’ll see…

Elton Brand will sign with the 76ers (?)

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…according to “sources”. At least, that is what Marc Stein from ESPN (your worldwide and so on) is telling us here – verbal agreement.

We’ll see if it is true, but Mr. Stein is pretty accurate with this kind of rumors and you better believe it will happen. Why should Brand leave the Clippers? Well…

1.) They are the Clippers.
2.) Playing in the Eastern Conference is more fun (read: a lot easier) for big men.
3.) Andre Miller is an underrated PG who can get you the ball whenever you want wherever you want
4.) Andre Igoudala is a great slasher – better than Maggette
5.) Samuel Dalembert is a shot blocker who will take care of protecting the rim
6.) 82 mil/5 years

It would explain why the 76ers made room under the salary cap with the Carney trade.

If you ask me, Elton Brand should stay in L.A., but only because I’m a big Baron Davis fan. When he is on fire and healthy, there aren’t many better players in the league. Brand and Boom Dizzle playing together would be great.

Nothing got signed yet so we will see how it really plays out.