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‘Big Ben’ Wallace is back

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According to ESPN and Ben Wallace will resign with Detroit for the next two seasons. He’ll earn nearly $ 2 millions a year which isn’t nearly enough if you consider that this guy is the heart & soul of the Pistons. If Joe D is able to resign Will Bynum soon we are ready to start some trade talks and get our roster together for the upcoming season.


What I learnt while watching Nuggets @ Pistons

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  • This Pistons team is all heart & hustle!
  • I still can’t root against Chauncey Billups. For me, he’ll always be a part of the Pistons – even when he is dropping 21 points on us and nearly hitting the game winner for Denver.
  • Rodney Stuckey isn’t Mr. Big Shot 2.0 yet, but he is on his way. We shouldn’t try to nickname him the same as Chauncey, tough. Stuckey is a big guard like Chauncey, but that’s about it – they play very different styles of basketball.
  • Ben Wallace is playing the best basketball I’ve seen from him since he left the Pistons in the first place. You can’t compare what he did in Chicago or Cleveland with what he is doing now. About 15 boards a game and a combined 5 blocks and steals per game is what he gives you every night – how awesome is that?
  • Jonas Jerebko isn’t in the discussion for Rookie Of The Year yet and probably won’t get there anytime soon, but this guy is a real basketball player. He can do it all. Defend (Melo went for 40+, but Melo is…Melo…league of his own scoring-wise right now), score inside and outside, go for loose balls like his life would depend on it, pass, drive, dish…you name it, he can do it.
  • Ben Wallace Add-On: Is he the most underrated passer/ball-distributor big man in the league right now or what?
  • Melo went for 40+, Chauncey dropped 20+…not enough to get the W in Motown…how many of us thought the Pistons would go 4-0 over the last four games? Be honest…

This team is surprising me every time I watch a game. I don’t know if I’ve been that excited on a game-to-game-basis ever – there just aren’t any letdowns and the team is bringing the effort night in & night out. Keep it up!

Stuckey buries 76ers

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How do you like him now? After all the criticism he had to face, the young point guard showed the world and especially the 76ers why the Pistons chose him over players like Chauncey Billups and Allen Iverson.

Was this his breakout game? No, sir, you didn’t pay attention. He had his breakout game last season – now he is doing this stuff on a regular basis. The Pistons are missing several key players (Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Ben Gordon) while some others lost their rhythm (Will Bynum) and some hardly found it (Charlie Villanueva). It was hard watching this game on several possessions when Rodney got the ball in his hands, the double team attacked him and there was no real offensive option to pass to…and still the Pistons managed to win this game on the road. Jonas Jerebko was the 2nd best player wearing a Detroit jersey in this one. Talk about maturation…

...winning the game...

Stuckey dropped 20+ points 9 times this season (5 times in the last 7 games). Ball distribution? Are 7+ assists in 4 of the last 6 games enough for you? He couldn’t have a better timing to step his game up. Right now his team needs him the most because of all the injuries and Rodney Stuckey delivers. Here are the highlights of the game. If you want to know what Rodney had to say after the game, click here.

2009/11/27 – NBA games to watch

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12 games tonight – if you don’t have the league pass your options are limited to a few games, but if you are lucky enough to call the league pass your own, you have to choose which games to watch (tough situation, isn’t it? Nearly as tough as ‘Sophie’s Choice’…but not quiet there yet). We’ll try to help you a bit with that.

Southeast Showdown

Washington Wizards @ Miami Heat

The Wizards aren’t as good as people thought they would be before the season. Their chemistry on the court and in the locker room isn’t quiet what it used to be a few years ago when they made their little run in the playoffs (LeBron put a quick end to that). With the return of Antawn Jamison, still one of the most underrated players in the game, you have to watch out for them.

Miami on the other hand is the exact opposite. Nobody believed in them, they started the season on a pretty nice winning streak, but now they are falling apart midway through. They still won 6 of their last 10, so don’t let the hype get to you.

Going against a division rival usually results in a way more intense game, so keep an eye on this one (it’s on ESPN – shouldn’t be too hard). Not the best game tonight, but it has a lot of what we like to call ‘buzzerbeater-potential’.

Atlantic Showdown

Toronto Raptors @ Boston Celtics

#1 and #2 from the Atlantic divison will meet tonight at 07:30 pm. How awesome is this game going to be? Playing a division rival and both teams feel to need to prove themselves to the audience…

Toronto isn’t looking as good as you would expect by taking a look at their roster. Chris Bosh is playing out of his mind, but his supporting cast isn’t quiet there yet. Turkoglu (pretty overrated in my humble opinion, but a good player nonetheless) needs to step his game up and I’m pretty sure he wants to repeat his awesome performance from the last playoffs. Do you think the Celtics still remember this one?

I’m sure they do. A little extra motivation can’t hurt. The Celtics, who won 11 games so far by the way, are getting it from the media lately – Sheed can’t shoot, the don’t defend like they used to, Garnett isn’t as good as he was before his injury…bla bla bla…this guys will go for the kill tonight, no taking prisoners approach.

If you can only watch one game tonight and you aren’t a fan of a particular team, I’d go with this one.

Honorable mentions

San Antonio Spurs @ Houston Rockets

Okay, yeah, putting a game like this in as a honorable mention is a shame, I know. This is one of the better match-ups tonight, but not as good as watching KG go against Bosh. It is better as Miami vs. Wizards, tho. I’m too lazy to edit it…anyway, watch this game if you are into team basketball and want to know how the game is supposed to be played instead of how most teams play it. The Rockets are always a joy to watch and the Spurs…well, if it wasn’t for injuries, they would have a better record, but they will come through when it matters – like every year.

Atlanta Hawks @ Philly 76ers

The team that is and the team that could be – for me, they were pretty much the same team for a long time: athletic, got a decent go-to guy, lacked a few shooters to put them over the top…one team got Bibby, Crawford and improved a lot while the other…well, still has Andre Igoudala and Williams was coming into his own before he got injured for the next 8 weeks.

Expect a fast, fun-to-watch game, but it won’t be close, I guess.

Los Angeles Clippers @ Detroit Pistons

Yeah, I know, nobody but a fan would watch this game, but well…this is a Pistons blog and I’ll take this game over all the other games any day. Crazy, I know, but I guess I’ll have to live with it.

Cavaliers @ Pistons – Recap 2009/11/25

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A bit late on this one, but I guess you’ll appreciate it anyway if you missed the game. Cleveland won 98 – 88 as you probably already know, but here is what you maybe missed:

  • Rodney Stuckey was the only Pistons nearly playing 40 minutes – one part because Ben Gordon went down in the 2nd quarter and one part because Stuck was the only guy able to make baskets late in the 4th
  • Will Bynum had his worst night this season so far – 1/13 shooting (= 7% FG%), 3 turnovers and he got stuffed at the rim twice – on the bright side: he dished out a team-high 5 assists
  • The Cavaliers actually killed us with their three point shooting: 9/17 is quiet awesome, better than 50% from behind the arc
  • Detroit out-rebounded Cleveland and had less turnovers, but when you don’t hit as many open jumpshots, you are in for a loooooooong night
  • Charlie Villanueva fumbled some balls late in the game which always took our momentum – sometimes a sloppy play can kill everything you worked for the last couple of plays
  • Jason Maxiell had his best game so far – I still don’t like the idea of him taking so many jumpshots, but when he is hitting them, I’m keeping my mouth shut. 10 points and 4 offensive boards plus some major hustle plays to keep plays alive – way to go!
  • Austin Daye was the most pleasent surprise in this game. The kid made things happen: 9 points, 3 boards and a block. He looked really comfortable out there for the first time this season.

Austin Daye


Cleveland MVP

  • Surprise, surprise…LeBron James, of course. 34 points, 8 boards, 7 assists – is there more you need to know? This guy made things happen and he did it in style. YouTube Proof.

  • He wasn’t alone, tho, it was a team effort. 5 Cleveland players scored in double digits.

Detroit MVP

  • Not really a close one, Rodney Stuckey carried us through major parts of our runs to keep the game close. A team-high 25 points on 50% shooting from the field and a perfect 8/8 from the free throw line. Add 6 boards and 2 steals to it and you got yourself a pretty decent statline. Some more assists would have been nice, but who should he have passed the ball to? Bynum who was 1/13? Ben Wallace? Jerebko? You get my point, I guess.

Shaq will miss game against Pistons tonight

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According to Shaquille O’Neal will miss his 6th straight game tonight. I don’t know if you can call this catching a break, because the Pistons will be in for a tough game with Shaq on the court or with Shaq off the court.

The Cavaliers aren’t playing their best basketball right now, but they are still in the top 3 in the East and with LeBron on your team there hardly ever is something like a bad night. Let’s hope that the Pistons can take care of business at home. This is exactly the opponent you need to beat to prove that you can still cause some trouble in your Conference.

Detroit: Stuckey or Bynum – who should start?

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Internet…huh…beautiful thing…everybody can make themselves heard/read – so when somebody writes a certain player is underrated and should start on a certain team it spreads like wildfire. People don’t even check if it’s true. It is way easier to just copy what sounds good and don’t put time into researching the facts.

So, lately everybody and their mommas is trying to tell you that Will Bynum should start over Rodney Stuckey for the Detroit Pistons. Sure, looking at some of the stats it seems to be a neat idea:

  • Bynum’s true shooting percentage is at .588 this season (.132 better than Stuckey who is averaging a career low .456 TS% so far)
  • Bynum’s effective field goal percentage is at .518 (Stuckey is at .391 eFG%)
  • Will’s Player Efficiency Rating is at 20.0 which is pretty awesome (Rodney is at 13.8 – the league average is 15.0 in case you aren’t familiar with this stat)
  • Bynum is scoring more around the rim while Stuckey is taking jumpers on 71% of his attempts – Bynum is scoring a higher % on both by the way

Will Bynum #12

So, Bynum is a more efficent scorer – how about passing?

  • Will ‘The Thrill’ is dishing out the assist on 27.1% of the made shots of his teammates when he is on the floor (Rodney is at 19%)
  • Bynum’s passing rating is at 8.9 while Stuckey is at 6.4

Hmmm…team offense & team defense?

  • Bynum’s offensive rating is at 113 (ORtg = points produced/scored on 100 possessions ) – Stuckey’s is at 97
  • Bynum’s offensive rating is at 108 (ORtg = points produced/scored on 100 possessions ) – Stuckey’s is at 107 – no big difference

Well, those stats suggest that Bynum would help the Pistons win more games than Stuckey. Are there other stats? Of course they are. Let’s see what Rodney has going for himself stats-wise:

  • The Pistons got outscored by 33 points while Bynum was on the floor while only getting outscored by 8 while Stuckey was on the floor (this season so far) – both are usually playing at the end of the game, but you should consider that Rodney is starting the game and playing against tougher competition in the opening quarter than Bynum
  • Bynum is finishing games with a +/- rating at an average of -4.8, Stuckey is averaging a -0.7
  • Only 15% of Bynum’s shots are assisted while Stuckey is getting assisted on 32% of his made field goals – read on if you want to know why this is important
  • Stuckey is the better ballhandler (he has more turnovers and bad passes, but considering the minutes played he is a bit better than Bynum)

Rodney Stuckey #3

Is there something to consider when looking at these stats?

  • Stuckey is playing pretty many minutes out of position. People tend to forget that a lot. Could it be that his stats aren’t as good, because he is spending a good amount of time at shooting guard and/or small forward? Would the numbers be different if Stuckey would play PG all the time instead of switching it up and playing out of position? Without a doubt.

Here are Stuckey’s stats at the different positions:

  • Point Guard: Net Points of the team +16
  • Shooting Guard: Net Points of the team -36
  • Small Forward: Net Points of the team +9

So, if we woant to find out who should start at point guard we should compare the stats they get when they play that position, right? Player 48-Minute Production by Position:

  • eFG% (Effective Field Goal Percentage): Bynum .518 – Stuckey .538
  • FTA (Free Throw Attempts): Bynum 7.7 – Stuckey 15.0
  • Assists (don’t forget: by 48 minutes): Bynum 7.0 – Stuckey 10.0
  • Points: Bynum 24.9 – Stuckey 34.9
  • PER*: Bynum 21.8 – Stuckey 42.0

Looks a bit different, right? What about the defense? Opponent Counterpart 48-Minute Production:

  • PER*-“allowed”: Bynum 16.2 – Stuckey 7.6
  • Points-allowed: Bynum 19.0 – Stuckey 13.3

What I’m trying to show you is that stats can be deceiving. Making this choice is not as easy as “who has better stats”, it is more about what kind of team are we trying to be, what are our long-term goals and what way do we play our best? Stuckey is starting at point guard and Bynum is pretty much taking over the point guard position in the 2nd half. Why?

Because Stuckey is pretty good at point guard, but we need him playing some shooting guard and small forward as well right now. Could Bynum guard shooting guards? No way. If they are both hot, can we afford to put Ben Gordon on the bench? No. We try to do what works best and it really doesn’t matter at all who starts the game at point guard, because our most productive line-up (as a team, not for every individual on the court) is this one so far:

Bynum – Gordon – Stuckey – Villanueva – Wallace -> Top Five Men Floor-Units Win% = 77%

Would Stuckey put up better individual numbers if he was playing point guard? Probably, but it wouldn’t be the best for the team. When Prince and Rip are back it will get even more complicated. What if our best line-up is Stuckey – Gordon – Hamilton – Prince – Villanueva? Well, then Bynum will have to sit and watch. What if Bynum is better suited to get the job done with those guys on the floor? Well, Stuckey is going to sit and watch.

The few things you should remember from this post are:

  • Stuckey is playing out of position for long stretches of the game
  • Stats are deceiving and don’t measure everything happening on the floor
  • Bynum is more effective comparing the stats without paying attention to the position played
  • Stuckey is more effective comparing the stats they accumulate while playing point guard
  • We are trying to build a contender here and most of our players are doing whatever helps the team the most – no big egos

To sum it all up: Looking at the position-based stats, Stuckey is a better point guard, but we need him to play out of position for long stretches of most games. His stats change accordingly. Bynum is a great point guard and a very efficient scorer. There is no point in arguing one way or another, because with the return of Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince the whole dynamic of the team will change anyway. In my opinion, Stuckey should keep starting the games, because it is giving the team more options to run the offense and it opens up more options on defense too (Stuckey can guard big guards and some small forwards). Bynum is the perfect energizer of the bench and when both Stuckey and Bynum are on the court, Bynum is usually playing point guard. I wouldn’t change that, but what do I know…

Detroit Pistons Guards

BTW: To look up some of the stats yourself, go to or – have fun. 🙂 For more opinions on this, go here or here.