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LeBron James, the Choosy One

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In this post we’ll take a look at the whole LeBron role change from hero to villain via movie references…ande because it is even more fun, we’ll also take a look how Kobe is slowly also performing a role change from villain to hero.

Here is the short version for everyone using Lost (because everybody knows that show): LeBron is Jack, Kobe is Sawyer and Kate is the Championship. Easy analogy, right? Jack is the hero, saving the day, making other people feel better and being an all around good guy. Sawyer is minding his own business, doing what is best for him, having a mean streak…but after a couple episodes/season’s, we start seeing them in a bit of a different light…Jack isn’t the nice guy anymore, Sawyer’s is actually doing the right things but his way, that’s why it took us a while to get to like him – when the right chance presents itself, he is even a really nice guy…get my point? If you need a more detailed statement, click the cute little ‘More…’-button:

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Undeniable – The Rise of Dwayne Wade

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It is time to honor one of the best guards out there: Dwayne Wade aka D-Wade aka ‘Flash‘. Your ‘2006 Sportsman of the year’ (Sports Illustrated), ‘2006 NBA Finals MVP’ and part of the ‘Redeem Team’ that got gold a few months ago in Beijing.

This is a very good documentary in 8 parts. His mother, family, teammates and so on talking about Dwayne Wade. Great game footage with some rare high-school and college stuff. Enjoy! (All 8 parts combined = ~ 58 minutes)

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Team USA vs. Canada Video Recaps

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Here, so you don’t have to search YouTube yourself:

…and here is the probably sickest fake to get an open lay-up you have seen all week…