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Quick thoughts on Celtics vs. Knicks – Christmas Day, 2011

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Here are some quick thoughts on the Opening Game of the new NBA Season:

  • When did Stoudemire start shooting (and hitting) threes?
  • Wanna guard Melo this year? Good luck with that!
  • Yes, you saw that right: Brandon Bass has a jumpshot. I didn’t know that…shame on me.
  • I really do like Chris Wilcox. Too bad the big fella is not in Detroit anymore. He brings effort and energy every game!
  • Boston will miss Big Baby Davis more than they probably think…
  • Melo made this his team in a heartbeat. Stoudemire is doing a really good job and those guys look like a good team with no alpha dog issues. This is huge. I was always afraid that they would break because they have two big time stars.
  • The 1st quarter looked really good for the Knicks. Boston looked kind of unprepared and sometimes even confused on offense. Without Rondo doing his thing this team really would be in big trouble – “Big Three”? How about “Great One and his Three Amigos”?
  • It’s been a long time since I have seen the Knicks have any kind of ballmovement, not even a good one. Now they look really good (at least for their standard from the last couple of years).
  • B. Diddy looking sharp on the bench! He looks trim and fit – this could be a comeback year for him. I’d really like to see him get back to his all-star-self. He is a very good point guardΒ (when he feels like it).
  • Douglas is the spark of the bench for the Knicks that every team needs in the league today.
  • We’ll see Spike Lee even more often on TV this year than we are used to.
  • Brandon Bass has moves! He has way more skill than I thought…maybe Big baby won’t be missed that much. Bass played a big part (maybe even the biggest) in the little comeback from the Celtics in the 2nd quarter. He will get way more minutes ’til the end of the season.
  • It was very cute to watch Pavlovic try to guard Carmelo…like a puppy trying to guard a T-Rex…or a baby trying to fight Brock Lesnar……or me trying to guard Melo…I guess you get my point…
  • It’s scary how easy Melo can take over a game.
  • Shaq to TNT – YEAH!!! πŸ™‚ I was really looking forward to this. He didn’t look that comfortable, but it was his first appearance – he’ll be good. BTW: Did Barkley slim down or is it Shaq making him look thinner?
  • What happened to Paul Pierce’ face? He looks like he has lost a lot of weight.
  • When Carmelo went down in the 3rd quarter while trying to block a Jermaine O’Neal lay-up, his teammate rushed to him to help him up. That’s what I want to see! Keep that up!
  • The 4th foul by Melo was really unneccesary and dumb, but those things happen. Sure wasn’t on purpose, but keep those elbows to yourself, Melo. Don’t swing them around.
  • C’mon N.Y., leaving Ray Allen open in the corner? Twice in a row? Really? Don’t you get League Pass in New York? When Allen gets going, it usually gives Boston a spark and the whole team starts to play better. Don’t let Allen take over.
  • The Knicks left all their skills in the locker room during half-time. Hope they can back into the game after looking so good in the 1st half. Douglas and Stoudemire got the crowd back into the game. You can feel the crowd being scared that the Knicks are self-combusting…not these Knicks, tho!
  • Celtics up by 10 with a little less than 11 minutes to go. You know what this is going to be called in N.Y. from now on? Melo-Time! He is starting to take over! Big three pointer to bring the lead down to his jersey number.
  • Brandon Bass got some big rebounds for the Celtics. He knows where the ball is going to be – you can’t teach that.
  • Another shot by Melo. Making it look really easy.
  • Spike Lee trying to work the officials. Always fun to watch. πŸ˜€
  • Nice alley-oop from Melo to Chandler after the time-out. Well done!
  • As much as I like you, T. Douglas, please pass the ball to Melo and get out of the way when he is feeling it and stop shooting three pointers…
  • I don’t know what to call the “thing” Jermaine O’Neal did, but I’m going with “Reverse-Jordan-Effect“. You know when Jordan flew through the air and it looked like he spent an eternity up there? Jermaine O’Neal can do the same thing, but just the opposite way: Dude just jumped in slow motion, I swear! Check it out, 6:38 to go in the 4th quarter. He was up there for an hour without moving…that’s against the laws of physics!
  • 2 point game with 6 minutes to go. Yes, sir! πŸ™‚
  • When, exactly, did Rondo get a jumper? Why hasn’t anybody told me that? Can you spell u-n-s-t-o-p-p-a-b-l-e? I, obviously, can’t…
  • Big three by Douglas! That’s what happens when you double-team Carmelo.
  • Melo ties it up with a three of his own! This guy is a weapon!
  • KG is used to these moments…hits a shot like he is warming up…no emotion what-so-ever
  • It feels so good to see the Madison Square Garden rockin’ again! πŸ™‚
  • Don’t forget: No Paul Pierce – with their best scorer, the game would have played out differently…maybe still not with a W, but differently…

Career-high at 34

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Between the Lakers beating the Rockets and Dwayne Wade killing Boston some storylines get lost, but don’t worry…that is what we are here for.

Detroit lost to the Knicks yesterday at the Palace of Auburn Hills in overtime. The game was fun to watch even tho the wrong team won in my humble opinion, but that is another story for another day (there was no foul on the three point attempt by Larry Hughes – you know it, I know it, Mr. Nies, Crawford & Clark know it too – but it is what it is).

Antonio McDyess set his career-high for rebounds in this game. 21 points, a career high 22 rebounds and 10 offensive boards (also a career high). He joined an elite circle, there aren’t too many 34 year old guys going for 20-20 games out there, especially not nowadays and not when the other team’s center goes for 18 boards himself.

The Pistons were doing most things better, but they turned the ball over way too often. 15 turnovers compared to the Knicks’ 6…the Pistons grabbed 25(!) more rebounds than the Knicks, but is wasn’t enough. Too bad. Still a great game, tho…

A few other things to point out:

  • Rodney Stuckey with 23 points, 8 assists and 8 boards…awesome! Way to go, Stuck!
  • Tayshaun was swatting some shots and doing a little bit of everything.
  • Maxiell just wasn’t ready for this game. Pretty much every game you see him doing something amazing, you can’t miss him – this time he disappeared.
  • Rip scored a team-high 27 points, but he turned the ball over 8 times following last games’ career-high 14 assists.
  • Amir Johnson lost a jump-ball to Nate Robinson, but made up for it immediately with blocking the Knicks next shot attempt.

Allan Houston on YouTube

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Well, you probably heard that he is back and here is the video…guess how many times they had to film thise? Over/Under 20?

Knicks trying to trade Randolph?

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Here we go again, some rumors are floating through the world wide web. The Knicks are trying to move Zach Randolph and his big contract (48$ mil/3 years) to make some room under the salary cap to be ready to go after some big names in 2010. According to this article the Clippers have shown some interest in replacing Elton Brand with Zach Randolph. What can they offer? Uhm, nothing? I don’t like Randolph and if the rumors are true, the Knicks don’t like him either.

Anyway, they should get rid of him and start rebuilding for real. Getting big name free agents every second year isn’t helping, right? Do it the right way. Get rid of this bum and try to get as much talent as possible in return.

BTW: Whats up with Stephon Marbury? Is there anyone out there who would still trade for him?

Mike D’Antoni – Knicks > Bulls

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You probably heard about Mike D’Antoni’s new coaching gig at the Madison Square Garden. 24 mil/4 years for trying to get the Knicks back in the playoffs. This is a verbal agreement and nothing got signed, but it is only a matter of time.

We all agree that he is one of the better coaches when talking about fastbreaks and transition offense. Like most coaches, he isn’t limited to coaching one style – we will see what he can do in the half-court soon – or do you think he will get Curry and Randolph to run up and down the court?

A lil video – Suns players talking about their coach:

Nash at 1:51

The only thing I don’t get when reading blogs or stuff on sports websites is why most writers think he should have signed with the Bulls. Do you think the Knicks are more of a mess than the Bulls? You are right, of course they are. But are the Bulls doing everything they can to close the gap? Yes, they do. You know, giving large contracts to declining players (Ben Wallace), destroying the team from within with trade rumors (Kobe Bryant) and trading overpaid players for other overpaid players (Larry Hughes)…

Going from championship contender (not really, but most so-called experts had them advancing to the finals in last years playoffs) to 33 wins in one season is horrible. This can happen if one or more of your key players are injured, but they were healthy all year.

I don’t get why coaching the Bulls would be better. Because of young talent? Joakim Noah? Tyrus Thomas? Thabo Sefolosha? JamesOn Curry? Luol Deng? Ben Gordon? Yup, your homeless man’s Atlanta Hawks. Could D’Antoni form them into a decent team? Of course, but they couldn’t compete with anyone in the long run. Still more than the Knicks could offer, but not even close to convincing me that they could make something great happen. (Did you notice I left Hinrich of that team? Neither did I. They should trade him as long as he is worth a little something. Same goes for Larry Hughes. They earn a combined 23 mil next year.)

I’m not so sure that it was the best move for Mike, but it is a great move for the Knicks. D’Antoni is a very likeable coach and he knows how to handle journalists. Don’t think about next year, you can’t do much, but they will have expiring contracts they can build something on.

Next season:

  • Stephon Marbury: 22 mil (unless they buy him out or something)
  • Malik Rose: 8 mil

30 mil worth of expiring contracts and you know that GMs are in love with expiring contracts. The Knicks can’t offer anything else, but that is at least something to start with.