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LeBron James, the Choosy One

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In this post we’ll take a look at the whole LeBron role change from hero to villain via movie references…ande because it is even more fun, we’ll also take a look how Kobe is slowly also performing a role change from villain to hero.

Here is the short version for everyone using Lost (because everybody knows that show): LeBron is Jack, Kobe is Sawyer and Kate is the Championship. Easy analogy, right? Jack is the hero, saving the day, making other people feel better and being an all around good guy. Sawyer is minding his own business, doing what is best for him, having a mean streak…but after a couple episodes/season’s, we start seeing them in a bit of a different light…Jack isn’t the nice guy anymore, Sawyer’s is actually doing the right things but his way, that’s why it took us a while to get to like him – when the right chance presents itself, he is even a really nice guy…get my point? If you need a more detailed statement, click the cute little ‘More…’-button:

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Your All-NBA 1st Team

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All NBA 1st Team

Ladies and Gentlemen, your All-NBA 1st Team…

This is the first time ever that I agree with the choice for the 1st team – Kobe Bryant (MVP and most 1st team votes), Chris Paul, Kevin Garnett, LeBron James and Dwight Howard. Nice team…but there is always someone who disagrees with someone on the 1st team? Who is it this year? Would you prefer to see Amare or Duncan on the roster instead of Howard ( I don’t give a F that Duncan wants to be listed as forward…)?

Lakers vs. Jazz – Game 1 Recap

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Lakers vs. Jazz

109 – 98

Welcome to the real playoffs, LA. The 1st round was a mere warm-up for the Lakers while Utah had to fight a lil bit to finish Houston off. The Jazz had less than 48 hours while the Lakers had several days rest.

Game 1 was strange: parts of it looked like a blowout and parts of it looked like a really close game. The Lakers extended their lead to 15+ points a few times, but the Jazz always made a run to get the score close again. They nearly tied the game in the 4th quarter even tho they were down by 19 in the middle of the 3rd quarter. This will be a series soon, the Jazz never give up and if they can steal one from LA, it will be really hard for the Lakers to get home court back.

  • Player of the Game: Kobe Bryant – easy call – free throw galore (21/23 FTM-A), but nonetheless – 38 points, 7 assists, 6 rebounds and he carried his team through the whole game. Gasol had to take a seat next to Phil Jackson in the 1st quarter, because of two early fouls. You can’t afford to lose any of your big men when you play against the Jazz…unless you have Kobe at his finest on your roster.
  • Utah DOMINATED the boards – rebound war won 58-41 – plus Utah had 25 offensive rebounds – 25! If you think that the Lakers will win many games while giving up 25 offensive rebounds, you are crazy.
  • The Jazz took 22 more shots, but because of good lakers D and bad luck, they only hit 38% from the field and way less from deep.

The Lakers better don’t get cocky after this one. They struggle to get rebounds and allow way too many 2nd shot opportunities.

  • Mehmet Okur was one rebound shy of a 20-20 game – 21 points, 19 rebounds (8 on the offensive end)
  • Carlos Boozer turned the ball over 7 times – the rest of the Jazz turned the ball over only 6 times
  • Kyle Korver had five fouls in less than 20 minutes – yup, he got killed on the defensive end
  • Kirilenko was better and worse than I expected him to be at the same time. Better because his defense is still top-notch, worse because he isn’t a game-changer anymore. He is more passive and not as active as he was the last few seasons.

This one was a free throw galore. Kobe went to the stripe 23 times (but no bogus calls like D-Wade in the Finals), it was a physical game and Kobe took advantage of it. 60 fouls combined – 33 Jazz, 27 Lakers. Three players fouled out: Boozer, Kirilenko and Odom. Brewer and Korver had 5 each – that happens when decent (Brewer) or lousy (Korver) defenders guard Kobe.

The Jazz lost this game by double digits, but if they play with the same energy and hustle the next three games, they will be alright. Way more rebounds, 2nd chance points -> success in the playoffs. Boozer won’t turn the ball over that often, they will start hitting shots and Williams will figure out how to get around Fisher.

Quote of the Night

I think probably what confused him was how old I am. When he fakes, I don’t go for it because I can’t react that fast so I end up stealing it from him.” – Derek Fisher

The Lakers will have a hard time in game 2 and the games in Utah will be tough, but for now they should enjoy that they won game 1.

Kobe FT


Denver vs. LA Game 3 Preview

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Denver Nuggets vs. LA Lakers – Game 3

After giving up 128 and 122 points to the Lakers, people think the Nuggets have to improve their defense to have a chance to win a game or two against LA. Probably true, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. It is their offense they need to get back on track. They couldn’t play effective defense the whole season so how are they supposed to do it now?

Denver has to work for better shots and start knocking them down. Their 3pt-% is at 29% after the first two games. This isn’t acceptable for a team that lives and dies with it’s long range bombs. 44% from the field and 71% from the line aren’t helping their cause either.

Preventing the Lakers from scoring is important, of course, but getting into a rhythm on offense is more important for an offensive juggernaut (that’s what they are supposed to be). Carmelo and A.I. are doing their part, now they need someone else to step up as well, because LA has so many weapons. Kobe is…Kobe…Lamar Odom is playing good right now, Gasol is the perfect big man for this team and Luke Walton is playing better than ever. Fisher is doing his thing and you know that someone on their bench will have a good shooting night.In game one the Lakers won because of team effort, in game 2 they won because of Kobe’s 49.

The altitude in Denver gives the Nuggets a nice shot at wearing the Lakers down by running up and down the floor. It takes your body (even pro-athletes) 4-5 days to get used to the high altitude. If the Nuggets can control the tempo, they have a big advantage.

The Nuggets have to win both games at home to keep the hope alive, because they can’t win in LA. No chance in hell.

Let me remind you of Kobe’s statline in game 2: 49 points, 10 assists, 4 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 block, 5/9 3pts, 18/27 FG

I’d put my money (you know, if it was legal) on the Lakers in this one for obvious reasons.

Prediction: Lakers win game 3

Kobe and Shaq Playoffs Commercial 2.0

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You all know the Kobe and Shaq Playoffs commercial, here is the Dunk On U version! Hope you like it.

Showtime is back – Quick Recap

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Lakers win 128 – 114

After the first three minutes of the 2nd half the Lakers took a nice lead, but couldn’t finish the Nuggets off. Iverson and company scored in runs, but never could come close enough to tie the game. A.I. and Carmelo went off for 30 points each, but it wasn’t nearly enough. They got help from Smith and Kleiza (a combined 38 points) and the Lakers still won by 14.

Kobe couldn’t find his rhythm until the 4th quarter. He scored 18 off his 32 in the final 12 minutes. Gasol and odom played really good basketball and got themselves some easy shots around the rim.

The Nuggets two superstars combined for 60, their bench was better than anyone thought it would be and they still lost by 14. If this isn’t enough, there is no way they can win a game in this series.

Jeff Van Gundy

“Do what you don’t do well, GUARD ‘EM tonight!”
On the Nuggets after George Karl said: “Do what you do well, be aggressive” to his team

“Tell Vujacic to guard AI, you don’t need that stress.”
JVG on Farmar getting abused by Iverson

“This is like roomservice for Gasol, he gets the ball delivered right at the rim.”
JVG on Gasol’s easy buckets