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Cavaliers @ Pistons – Recap 2009/11/25

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A bit late on this one, but I guess you’ll appreciate it anyway if you missed the game. Cleveland won 98 – 88 as you probably already know, but here is what you maybe missed:

  • Rodney Stuckey was the only Pistons nearly playing 40 minutes – one part because Ben Gordon went down in the 2nd quarter and one part because Stuck was the only guy able to make baskets late in the 4th
  • Will Bynum had his worst night this season so far – 1/13 shooting (= 7% FG%), 3 turnovers and he got stuffed at the rim twice – on the bright side: he dished out a team-high 5 assists
  • The Cavaliers actually killed us with their three point shooting: 9/17 is quiet awesome, better than 50% from behind the arc
  • Detroit out-rebounded Cleveland and had less turnovers, but when you don’t hit as many open jumpshots, you are in for a loooooooong night
  • Charlie Villanueva fumbled some balls late in the game which always took our momentum – sometimes a sloppy play can kill everything you worked for the last couple of plays
  • Jason Maxiell had his best game so far – I still don’t like the idea of him taking so many jumpshots, but when he is hitting them, I’m keeping my mouth shut. 10 points and 4 offensive boards plus some major hustle plays to keep plays alive – way to go!
  • Austin Daye was the most pleasent surprise in this game. The kid made things happen: 9 points, 3 boards and a block. He looked really comfortable out there for the first time this season.

Austin Daye


Cleveland MVP

  • Surprise, surprise…LeBron James, of course. 34 points, 8 boards, 7 assists – is there more you need to know? This guy made things happen and he did it in style. YouTube Proof.

  • He wasn’t alone, tho, it was a team effort. 5 Cleveland players scored in double digits.

Detroit MVP

  • Not really a close one, Rodney Stuckey carried us through major parts of our runs to keep the game close. A team-high 25 points on 50% shooting from the field and a perfect 8/8 from the free throw line. Add 6 boards and 2 steals to it and you got yourself a pretty decent statline. Some more assists would have been nice, but who should he have passed the ball to? Bynum who was 1/13? Ben Wallace? Jerebko? You get my point, I guess.

Shaq will miss game against Pistons tonight

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According to Shaquille O’Neal will miss his 6th straight game tonight. I don’t know if you can call this catching a break, because the Pistons will be in for a tough game with Shaq on the court or with Shaq off the court.

The Cavaliers aren’t playing their best basketball right now, but they are still in the top 3 in the East and with LeBron on your team there hardly ever is something like a bad night. Let’s hope that the Pistons can take care of business at home. This is exactly the opponent you need to beat to prove that you can still cause some trouble in your Conference.

Cavaliers vs Pistons Game 1 – Quick Recap

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This was a bad game if you are a Pistons fan. Pretty good to be a Cavaliers fan nowadays, huh? LeBron is just playing on another level. He didn’t even break a sweat tonight while destroying the Pistons. Wow. Just…wow.

  • Has anyone ever scored an easier 38 points, grabbed 8 boards and dished out 7 assists? LeBron is just doing whatever he wants and nobody was able to stop him. Detroit has some serious thinking to do til Tuesday.
  • Four other Cavs scored in double figures (team-high by somebody not named LeBron: 13)
  • The Cavaliers looked bored and disinterested at times. Total downer after the crazy Celtics – Bulls Overtime game.

Well, there isn’t much to say about the Pistons. We need to change our game plan. I’m not sure this team is able to do enough to prevent the Cavaliers from scoring…

  • Rodney Stuckey scored a team-high 20 points, but it took him 21 shots to do so. We need to be more efficient than that.
  • Prince was 2/7 from the field, Rip was 6/14 from the field…we need more than that…
  • Sheed showed up tonight and played in the post. He scored 13 points and I hope he will keep up going to his post moves. The Cavs can’t guard him under the basket.

What do we need to improve dramatically?

  • Rebounding. No 2nd chance points for the Cavaliers. We have to crash the boards hard and stop running with them.
  • Free throws. The Cavs shot 27 free throws compared to Detroit’s 12. It is hard to overcome a deficit like that.

Do I still think Detroit can win a game or two? Yeah, I do, I’m a fan…I have to. 🙂

Mo Williams drops 43 on Kings

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What a show. Mo just couldn’t miss yesterday – the basket probably felt like the ocean to him.

7/12 (58%) from three point range and 15/24 (62%) overall good for 43 points which is his new career high – his previous career high was 38 points (against Miami back in 2007). Add 11 assists and 8 rebounds and you have an incredible stat-line.

...on fire...

...on fire...

He drained shot after shot and made people forget that LeBron had a triple double already at the beginning of the third quarter. Outshining LeBron is a hard thing to do, but sometimes it happens.

The King scored 23 points (coincidence?), grabbed 15 boards and dished out 11 assists. Add 3 blocks and think about the fact that he only took 10 shots and you get an idea how goood he really is.

I was surprised that Sacramento could hang with the Cavaliers for so long, but Kevin Martin was just born to put the ball through the hoop. 35 points against a pretty good defense – the kid knows how to get to the line and how to score.

LeBron James and Mo Williams were incredible, but the main reason for the Cavaliers victory were the rebounds. In this high-tempo, high-scoring game it is very important to get more possessions than your opponent – rebounds are a good way to get more possessions.

The Cavaliers grabbed 49 rebounds compared to the Kings 25. One rebound shy of having exactly twice as many boards. You can’t expect to win when you get out-rebounded like this.

Game Recap

Where Amazing Happens Tour Commercials

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Here is the new one with Chris Paul running the fastbreak:

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Detroit Pistons – Stats

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It’s time to take a look at some numbers. Who plays well for Detroit, who play well against Detroit, and so on and so on…

After 22 games played:




30 points, Allen Iverson, @ Sacramento Kings, Nov. 11

29 points, Richard Hamilton, @ Washington Wizards, Dec. 09

28 points, Richard Hamilton, vs Indiana Pacers, Dec. 12

27 points, Tayshaun Prince, @ Toronto Raptors, Nov. 05


12 assists, Allen Iverson, vs Indiana Pacers, Dec. 12

11 assists (twice), Rodney Stuckey, vs New York Knicks, Nov. 26 /@ Washington Wizards, Dec. 09


16 boards, Tayshaun Prince, @ Golden State Warriors, Nov. 13


4 steals, Richard Hamilton, @ Golden State Warriors, Nov. 13

4 steals, Allen Iverson, @ Los Angeles Lakers, Nov. 14

4 steals, Allen Iverson, vs Cleveland Cavaliers, Nov. 19

4 steals, Rodney Stuckey, vs Milwaukee Bucks, Nov. 28

4 steals, Allen Iverson, @ San Antonio Spurs, Dec. 02


6 blocks, Rasheed Wallace, vs Washington Wizards, Nov. 01

6 blocks, Jason Maxiell, vs Milwaukee Bucks, Nov. 28

+/- :

+22, Tayshaun Prince, vs New York Knicks, Nov. 26

Team – Biggest win:

101 – 83, @ Charlotte Bobcats, Nov. 03

Team – Best FG% :

55.8%, vs Indiana Pacers, Dec. 12





42 points, Danny Granger, vs Indiana Pacers, Dec. 12

38 points, Devin Harris, @ New Jersey Nets, Nov. 07

33 points, Danny Granger, vs Indiana Pacers, Oct. 29

33 points, Caron Butler, @ Washington Wizards, Dec. 09


14 assists, Randy Foye, vs Minnesota T’Wolves, Nov. 23


19 boards, Andris Biedrins, @ Golden State Warriors, Nov. 13

19 boards, David Lee, @ New York Knicks, Dec. 07


4 steals, Shannon Brown, @ Charlotte Bobcats, Nov. 03

4 steals, Kobe Bryant, @ Los Angeles Lakers, Nov. 14

4 steals, LeBron James, vs Cleveland Cavaliers, Nov. 19


3 blocks, Danny Granger/Troy Murphy (each), vs Indiana Pacers, Oct. 29

3 blocks, Louis Amundson, @ Phoenix Suns, Nov. 16

3 blocks, Andrew Bynum, @ Los Angeles Lakers, Nov. 14

3 blocks, Dan Gadzuric, vs Milwaukee Bucks, Nov. 28

3 blocks, Greg Oden, vs Portland Blazers, Nov. 30

3 blocks, Theo Ratliff, vs Philadelphia 76ers, Dec. 05

+/- :

+33, Juan Dixon, @ Washington Wizards, Dec. 09

Worst Pistons +/- :

-28, Rasheed Wallace, @ Boston Celtics, Nov. 20

-28, Allen Iverson, vs Portland Blazers, Nov. 30

Team – Biggest loss:

80 – 106, vs. Minnesota T’Wolves, Nov. 23

Team – Worst FG%:

34.7%, vs Boston Celtics, Nov. 09

LeBron James Nike Commercial – “Chalk”

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Here we go again. I really like this new Nike commercial and you should too, because you’ll probably see it at least a few hundred times on League Pass.

Thanks to the NBA Fanhouse for this great find.