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Cavaliers @ Pistons – Recap 2009/11/25

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A bit late on this one, but I guess you’ll appreciate it anyway if you missed the game. Cleveland won 98 – 88 as you probably already know, but here is what you maybe missed:

  • Rodney Stuckey was the only Pistons nearly playing 40 minutes – one part because Ben Gordon went down in the 2nd quarter and one part because Stuck was the only guy able to make baskets late in the 4th
  • Will Bynum had his worst night this season so far – 1/13 shooting (= 7% FG%), 3 turnovers and he got stuffed at the rim twice – on the bright side: he dished out a team-high 5 assists
  • The Cavaliers actually killed us with their three point shooting: 9/17 is quiet awesome, better than 50% from behind the arc
  • Detroit out-rebounded Cleveland and had less turnovers, but when you don’t hit as many open jumpshots, you are in for a loooooooong night
  • Charlie Villanueva fumbled some balls late in the game which always took our momentum – sometimes a sloppy play can kill everything you worked for the last couple of plays
  • Jason Maxiell had his best game so far – I still don’t like the idea of him taking so many jumpshots, but when he is hitting them, I’m keeping my mouth shut. 10 points and 4 offensive boards plus some major hustle plays to keep plays alive – way to go!
  • Austin Daye was the most pleasent surprise in this game. The kid made things happen: 9 points, 3 boards and a block. He looked really comfortable out there for the first time this season.

Austin Daye


Cleveland MVP

  • Surprise, surprise…LeBron James, of course. 34 points, 8 boards, 7 assists – is there more you need to know? This guy made things happen and he did it in style. YouTube Proof.

  • He wasn’t alone, tho, it was a team effort. 5 Cleveland players scored in double digits.

Detroit MVP

  • Not really a close one, Rodney Stuckey carried us through major parts of our runs to keep the game close. A team-high 25 points on 50% shooting from the field and a perfect 8/8 from the free throw line. Add 6 boards and 2 steals to it and you got yourself a pretty decent statline. Some more assists would have been nice, but who should he have passed the ball to? Bynum who was 1/13? Ben Wallace? Jerebko? You get my point, I guess.

NBA Playoffs – Day 3 YouTube Recap – 04/20/2009

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What would you say if I called the Celtics – Bulls series the best 1st round series ever in the NBA playoffs? Too early to tell? Maybe, but we are really close. I don’t know if I have EVER seen a better 1st round series my favorite team wasn’t involved in (you know, the games of your favorite teams are always better than the others).

Celtics – Bulls – Game 2

118 – 115

If the NBA playoffs where a TV sitcom like ‘Friends‘ this episode would be called “The one with Ray Allen’s dagger three”. It’s not like it was a good shot or that Ray was wide open…he faded to the side, but it just looked right and I’m sure it felt right to him.

What a shot!

Ben Gordon and Ray Allen where going at it the whole 2nd half. Both are crazy good shooters and they just felt it yesterday (well, Allen started doing his thing in the 2nd half, but he had the last word so he won, I guess). Ben Gordon scored 42 points on 24 shots. Think about that for a second. 6/11 from deep. How hot was he you ask?


If you are looking for the game highlights, check out the video below or head over to the NBA homepage for a better quality version:

If you missed the game, you better get the replay or something, because this one was for the ages. Ben Gordon vs Ray Allen was a good old fashioned duel – a shootout.

Oh, btw, Rajon Rondo had a pretty impressive triple double: 19 points, 16 assists, 12 rebounds and 5 steals. Am I getting crazy or is it normal not to be surprised to see Rondo put up superstar numbers?

San Antonio Spurs – Dallas Mavericks – Game 2

105 – 84

The Spurs took an 11 point lead after the 1st, but this time they kept it – not like in game 1 when they just called it a day and let the Mavericks do whatever they wanted to do.

The two key differences? Defense and Tony Parker. Why defense? Well, they held all but three Mavs below double digits and Jason Terry was the only Mav to break the 15 point barrier. Yeah, you read that right.

Tony Parker? Well, 38 points on 22 shots and 8 assists for good measure. 38 points – let me put this into context for you: Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry and Jason Kidd scored 34 points…combined. If we add Josh Howard’s 7 points, they scored only 3 more points than Tony Parker alone.

…and the game recap:

NBA Playoffs – Day 2 YouTube Recap – 04/19/2009

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Day 2 of the Playoffs didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t as spectacular as the 1st day with the Celtics – Bulls overtime thriller, but it was far from boring.

Lakers – Jazz – Game 1

113 – 100

This game was everything we thought it would be – a Lakers victory, nearly a blowout, the Lakers were never in danger of losing the game. Kobe started of distributing the ball by dishing out 4 assists before he even scored a point, but he still got himself a team-high 24 points.

Trevor Ariza stepped his game up by scoring 21 points – he punished the Jazz for every double team on Kobe or Pau. Carlos Boozer brought his A-game and scored a game-high 27 points while Deron Williams scored 16 and added 17 assists. They still lost by 13…

Magic – 76ers – Game 1

100 – 98

This was probably the best game to watch. The 76ers came out of the gate firing, not looking intimidated at all. They beat the Magic on their ground by doing what the Magic usually do best – 3-point shooting. The 76ers bench made 7 threes. Dwight Howard was the only Magic player who scored more than 18 points – he was good for 31 points and 16 boards.

The game was tied 98 – 98 with 12.4 seconds to go. Here is what happened next:

NBA Playoffs – Where Andre Igoudala happens.

Hawks – Heat – Game 1

90 – 64

WOW. Just WOW. 64 points? This has to be some kind of record. Here is the Heat’s scoring for each quarter: 21 – 18 – 18 – 7. 7 4th quarter points? 7?! The Hawks had 6 players in double digits while the Heat only had Wade (19) and Beasley (10).

Why were the Hawks able to win by such a big margin? They went under the screens on pick & rolls and defended the drive. They took away what the Heat do best – they made them shoot jumpers all night long.

And when they were able to attack the rim, this happened:

The Hawks look like the Heat’s worst nightmare. A long, athletic team that can prevent you from driving to the hoop and block shots left and right. The Heat have to change their whole game plan…and it probably still won’t be enough.

Dunk On U

Nuggets – Hornets – Game 1

113 – 84

Chauncey Billups – Chauncey Billups – Chauncey Billups! With each passing day the Allen Iverson – Chauncey Billups trade looks better and better for Denver. 36 points on 8/9 3-point shooting and a team-high 8 assists. WOW! So much for Chris Paul dominating. Don’t get me wrong, Cp3 was the only Hornet who showed up ready to play. Kenyon Martin totally took David West out of the game and the Nuggets were just red-hot. J.R. Smith missed all of his 7 three-point attempts, but still finished with 19 points – the Nuggets finished the game with a 50.7% FG-% and a 52.4% 3pt-% overall.

Mr. Big Shot

NBA Playoffs – Day 1 YouTube Recap – 04/18/2009

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A very nice way to start the playoffs. The Celtics – Bulls Overtime Thriller, LeBron James doing his thing as usual, the Mavericks earning a win in San Antonio and the Rockets dismantling the Blazers.

Celtics – Bulls – Game 1

The best game was the 1st one and the series will only get better from here on out. Is Derrick Rose able to give us an encore to his rookie playoff record setting performance? 36 points and 11 assists – one of a kind playoff debut.

Game 1 Derrick Rose Highlights

The young fella is incredible. Give him just a little space and he will find a way to finish at the rim…or he will bury a shot right in your face…he doesn’t care, he’ll get his either way. Are the Bulls able to win even if Rose doesn’t score 30+? We’ll see on Monday.

Cavaliers – Pistons – Game 1

I got tired of hearing the national media talking about how the Cavs will sweep the Pistons and demolish them without breaking a sweat. Guess what…that’s exactly what happened.

Game 1 LeBron James Highlights

38 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists and 1 steal for the Chosen One. Another day at the office, I guess…

Spurs vs. Mavericks – Game 1

The Spurs grabbed an 11-point lead after the 1st quarter, but it only went downhill from there. It was all Mavericks til the end. They tied the game after the 3rd quarter and outscored Tim Duncan’s team 31 – 23 in the 4th.

Spurs – Mavs Game 1 Highlight

Losing Ginobili really hurts the Spurs. This would have ended differently with a healthy Manu. Anyway, the Mavs had too many players stepping up their game tonight. 3 guys off the bench scored in double figures – Brandon Bass, JJ Barea and Jason Terry.

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker did what they had to do (27 and 24 points respectively), but they sure need one more guy to step up now that Manu is out.

Blazers vs. Rockets – Game 1

If you thought the Cavaliers 18 point blowout victory over the Pistons was something else, you have no idea. The Rockets destroyed the Blazers by 27(!). Yao Ming & Co. grabbed an early 11 point lead, but they weren’t feeling like giving it up (see San Antonio Spurs Game 1). They preferred to outscore the Blazers by 7 in the 2nd quarter as well.

Down 18 at halftime, the Blazers only managed to score 14 points in the 3rd quarter – not nearly enough. This game was rather hard to watch if you are a Blazers fan.

Rockets – Blazers Game 1 Highlights

…Jalen Rose analyzes

Spurs 83 – 79 Pistons

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Detroit is on a five game losing streak, has lost 10 of their last 12 home games and fell to 7th place in the Eastern Conference. They are still looking better than they looked a few weeks ago (or against the Bucks…man, that game was ugly). Crazy, isn’t it?

The way the standings are right now, we would have ourselves a nice 1st round exit against Boston. Doesn’t sound too good, but there is still enough time to prevent that from happening.

Spurs 83 – 79 Pistons

The Pistons started the game on a 9-0 run (as every Detroit fan knows, we are usually the team that is on the bad end of those early runs). We looked really good out there and the game was probably the most competitive I’ve seen in quiet some time.

Some highlights:

Antonio McDyess was the best big man in a white jersey yesterday. 13 points and 13 rebounds doesn’t even tell half the story. The defense he played against Duncan (2 blocks), important open jumpers he hit…this man is playing with so much heart.



Allen Iverson was blowing by Tony Parker at will on his way to 31 points. Add 7 assists, 3 boards, a steal and a block and you can imagine what kind of game he had. If it wasn’t for some quick pull-up jumpers in the 4th, his shot selection would have been awesome as well (it was still good enough, but you know…).

Tim Duncan had a tough time scoring…yes, he finished with 18 points, but he had to put up 19 shots, but his 18 rebounds were huge (6 off). He is still one of the best bigs in the league.

Matt Bonner…seriously…5/8 from downtown. Without his 3 point shooting the Spurs probably would have lost this game (or at least it would have gone to overtime). I still think his shot looks funny, but why change things that work?

What was missing?

Tayshaun Prince couldn’t find his rhythm. He, usually, is a guy who lets the game come to him, but it just couldn’t find him yesterday. He even started playing some point forward to get himself going, but it never worked out. At least he hit the boards hard, but we need more than 8 points from Tay to win a game.

What’s up with Sheed lately? Did you notice that he is hitting his shots early in the game and falls off the radar a few minutes into the game? Just like against the Spurs. He scored the first 5 points in the 1st and only 6 the rest of the way. This just isn’t enough on a night were Prince, Hamilton and Stuckey combined for 14 points.

The real highlight of this game was Maxiell’s And-1 dunk:

Yes, we lost this game, but we were in it til the end even tho only 3 of our 5 starters scored in double digits and our 6th man wasn’t able to score more than 4 points on 10 shots. It was nice seeing that our team is still able to compete against an elite team on an off-night.

Pistons can’t beat Hawks

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Thank God we have George Blaha and Special K for this one. Strange things are happening with the International League Pass lately – normally you get the home team’s commentators, but this wasn’t the case the last few games. Good we are back to normal.

Crush the Hawks!

Crush the Hawks!

We’ll tackle this today a bit different than we usually do, live blogging style.

1st Quarter

  • This is how you end the 1st quarter: Jason Maxiell gets an offensive rebound and dunks it hard – he nearly put Pachulia into the basket as well
  • Allen Iverson with the hustle play of the year. Flip Murray was closer to the ‘fumbled ball’, but A.I. dove on the floor to get it and pass it to Rip – awesome! That’s what will make Detroit love you, A.I.! Pure hustle.
  • Tayshaun leads the Pistons with 7 points, Marvin Williams leads the Hawks with 5. Rip gets an honorable mention for dropping 6 points from the bench already. Microwave anyone?
  • A.I. loves to gamble on defense, but he is doing a great job til now – 3 steals
  • 24 – 24

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Pistons implode again

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…but at least look better doing it.

You know there is something wrong when your team is up 15 points in the 4th quarter and you think to yourself ‘I hope we won’t lose this time‘. Shouldn’t we feel better with such a big lead and less than 12 minutes to go? We have blown so many leads and imploded quiet a few times, but I thought this game was different.

We had the Bulls well under control.

Rasheed Wallace was the 3rd quarter slaughter – he killed Chicago. They just couldn’t do anything to stop him. It was good seeing Sheed doing his thing again and when he is on fire like he was in that quarter, we usually win. Turn around jumpers, post-ups, 3 pointers…he brought his A-game…for one quarter.

Maybe we should think about calling Richard Hamilton the Microwave instead of Rip from now on. He got used to coming off the bench so fast and he provides instant offense now. He dropped 30 points – mostly mid-range jumpers and one sweet spin move (talk about taking Ben Gordon to school).

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