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Shaq will miss game against Pistons tonight

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According to Shaquille O’Neal will miss his 6th straight game tonight. I don’t know if you can call this catching a break, because the Pistons will be in for a tough game with Shaq on the court or with Shaq off the court.

The Cavaliers aren’t playing their best basketball right now, but they are still in the top 3 in the East and with LeBron on your team there hardly ever is something like a bad night. Let’s hope that the Pistons can take care of business at home. This is exactly the opponent you need to beat to prove that you can still cause some trouble in your Conference.


NBA Career Leaders – Points – this season

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Yesterday Shaquille O’Neal scored 13 points in a win over the Washington Wizards. Not that shaq-tacular itself, but with his last bucket he took the 5th spot on the NBA Career Leaders Points list. He has scored 27.411 points and is 4.008 points shy of the 4th spot (Wilt Chamberlain). No way he can catch him, but being a top 5 scorer in the NBA in some way or another is truly great.

  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – 38.387
  2. Karl Malone – 36.928
  3. Michael Jordan – 32.292
  4. Wilt Chamberlain – 31.419
  5. Shaquille O’Neal – 27.411


Incredible that Kareem is more than 10k points ahead of Shaq. How ridiculous is that?

Are there any other active players in the scoring race? Yes, sir! Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant are in the top 20 right now. A.I. is 16th with 23.960, less than 1.000 points behind Patrick Ewing. Kobe Bryant is 18th with 23.528 points, 200 points shy of Charles Barkley’s 17th spot.

Kobe will definitely overtake Barkley til the end of the season (if he keeps his scoring average of 27.7 points up) and A.I. and Ewing next season. With this scoring average Kobe will finish next season in the 12th or maybe even the 11th spot. In two years he will also overtake Shaq…just keep that in the back of your head when the ESPN guys compare them for their next NBA Christmas game

Boston has it’s own little race going on. Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen are in the top 40. Paul Pierce is 53th, but only 70 points shy of the 50th spot. So, the Big Three will be in the top 50 together. Puts everything in a bit of a new, historic, perspective.

Other active players in the top 50 are Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki. Dirk is also the only european players in the top 50 (if I have missed somebody, let me know).

Come back later for the Career Leaders of Assists, Rebounds and a mix of all the other important and semi-important stats.

Update: For everybody keeping track of LeBron James. The Chosen One is tied for #175 right now with a points total of 12.658. If he doesn’t sit out any games (probably won’t happen) and keeps this season’s scoring average of his up, he will finish the season in the 154th spot.

If he keeps his career scoring average of 27.5 points up for the next 5 years, he would be somewhere between #18-15 before he is 30 years old.

Is Shaq the best center in the west?

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Maybe the better question would be: “Is Shaq the 2nd best Center in the league?”. (No question about who is #1, just look at Dwight Howard, leading the league in triple doubles, double doubles, rebounds, blocks,…)

Back to the topic: Is Shaq, at age 36, the 2nd best center in the NBA?


Everybody wants a part of Shaq...

He definitely looked like it when he dropped 35 points on the Bucks in December or went for 17 boards against Portland in November. Averaging 17.7 points, 9 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per game while turning the ball over only 1.93 times per game (career low). A career best .623 free throw shooting is just the icing on the cake, but it will probably go down again til the season is over.

Yao Ming is having a better season stats-wise at 19.5 points and nearly 10 boards per game, but stats aren’t everything. (We will come back to Yao later.) You can make a case for Camby due to his defense and good efficiency rating, but let’s be honest…that wouldn’t even be close. Gasol is playing more PF with Bynum’s return, so he falls out of the picture as well.

Nobody expected Shaq to be this good at his age, but the Big Diesel (or Shaquille-ovic, as he calls himself nowadays, because of his decent free throw shooting) is back. He is putting up his best numbers since 05-06 (check out this article from November if you want more on this one) and the Suns win more when he is on the court than they do without him. To cut a long story short: He has an efficiency rating of +21.1 (23rd in the NBA right now, in front of guys like Joe Johnson, Vince Carter, Nene, Mehmet Okur, David West, Chuncey Billups, Paul Pierce, Carmelo…you get my point).

Of the 29 games he played this year, Phoenix won 20. In wins Shaq scored 19.8 points – in loses he scored 13 points. Phoenix wasn’t blown out in most games they lost, so the 6 points difference is very big for the Suns.

I don’t want to take away anything from Yao, he is defintely more important to his team due to injuries to Tracy McGrady and Ron Artest. He has to carry his team, he is their go-to guy and he is putting up better numbers than Shaq – but that’s about it, isn’t it? Nobody but Dwight Howard and Yao Ming are better than Shaq? Well, that is some pretty good company, I guess.

Nobody expected Shaq to put up numbers like this and that is why everybody gets over their head a little, but we should give respect where respect is due. Shaq is still a top three center in the league.

Shaq Scrabble Commercial

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Check it out:

Shaqtastic, Shaqattack, Shaqalici, Shaqfu, Shaqesque, Shaqtus,…you can’t beat him at this game, I guess. 🙂 Don’t worry about it.

Shaq – The Resurrection

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You have probably heard about this: Big men in the NBA decline fast. When they hit their early 30s, they don’t score as much, they can’t rebound no more and they get outhustled by younger folks on a regular basis. It is sad to watch one of the greatest big man to ever take a NBA court decline, but…and this is a major but…Shaquille O’Neal is doing something I have never heard or read about in the NBA history books. He is starting a comeback stats-wise.

Like most NBA superstars he could will his teams to victory and he would carry them when it mattered most. He earned every one of his rings, even the one he got with Miami. Of course, Dwayne Wade did more for them than Shaq in terms of numbers, but without Shaq, there is no way the Heat would have gone this far…you can quote me on that.

Anyway, Shaq is different than most big man superstars in NBA history. When they start to decline, they never come back, but Shaq…he is actually playing better right now than the last few years.

It was sad seeing him struggle within himself. Not being able to do what he used to do when he was younger, killed him on the court. He really struggled with his body, he never fully grasped why his body isn’t the same anymore. All the media attention went to “Shaq isn’t worth the 20 mil he gets per year” and his usual funny and entertaining interviews just seemed so odd. After watching the “Kobe Bryant Diss” most people thought Shaq got bitter instead of seeing it as what it is: just Shaq being Shaq. Or did anyone think it was as bitter when he was talking about Vlade Divac in the playoffs 7-8 years ago?

The public perception of Shaq changed from “one of the greatest big man ever” to “old, narcissistic, overpaid benchwarmer”. Now they rest him on back-to-backs, he sits out games from time to time, but he is a better center than most in the league even tho he is 36 years old.

This season Shaq is shooting .585% from the field, scoring 15+ points in about 25 minutes per game, grabbing 8 boards and blocking 1.3 shots per game plus most teams still have to double team him which gives Amare Stoudemire a bit more room to do what he does best: dunk on people. Last time Shaq scored more than 15 points per game for Phoenix was…uhm, never.

It is good to hear the TV announcers and the media guys on the web give him some love again. It would be just so wrong to have him end his career with all this bad rep people give him. Just appreciate him as who he is now and don’t compare him to who he used to be.

Shaquille O'Neal

Have you ever seen a better 36-year old NBA center?

Shaq Freestyle – Kobe Diss

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Shaquille O’Neal freestylin’ and dissin’ Kobe – this offseason just got a bit more interesting. Do you think Kobe will respond in some way or let it go?

In case you missed the video at the AOL Fanhouse or at Ball Don’t Lie, you can watch it right here (not suited for children):

ESPN is all over it as well right now. Here is what Shaq said to Stephan A. Smith later on: “I was freestyling. That’s all. It was all done in fun. Nothing serious whatsoever. That is what MC’s do. They freestyle when called upon. I’m totally cool with Kobe. No issue at all. And by the way, don’t forget, six albums, two platinum, two gold. Anybody who knows me knows I’m a funny freestyler. Check the NBA DVD when I was rapping about Vlade Divac during my first championship run. Please tell everybody don’t make something out of nothing.”

“Everyone that knows Shaq knows two things about me: One, that I’m a rapper, and two, that I’m a comedian. When I played with Kobe, me, him, Brian Shaw, J.R. Rider, we had freestyle sessions all the time. … all in fun and we said crazier stuff than that. If I hurt anyone’s feelings, I apologize.”

See? It’s all fun and games according to Shaq. Do you think that Kobe agrees? Or Patrick Ewing for that matter? What about Kareem? Dropping names this way usually gets you a lot of heat. No matter what happens next, I’m already looking forward to the Lakers – Suns games next season…

NBA YouTube Classic – Shaq disses Vlade Divac

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Nice one, Shaq!