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Ben Gordon & Charlie Villanueva – Update

Posted in NBA with tags , , , , , , , on November 6, 2009 by dunkonu

If you are reading blogs on WordPress and you were looking for something on Ben Gordon and/or Charlie Villanueva, chances are pretty high that you stumbled on this post from July ’09: Ben Gordon & Charlie Villanueva. It is time for an update, I guess.

Charlie Villanueva missed most of the preseason with an injury and still kinda doesn’t look like he knows where he has to be on defense at all times. He missed some rotations in the first games of the season, but it didn’t hurt as that much – especially because this problem will take care of itself by playing together for longer stretches. The situation got worse, because Rip got injured and a little while later Tayshaun also didn’t play because of some back problems. Being new on a squad and than pretty much half of the starting 5 getting injured doesn’t help.

If you would put a gun to my head and ask me if he played up to the expectations we had, the answer would be no. It is way too early to judge someone after only 5 games, but right now he just isn’t getting it done. 11 points and 5.4 boards in 26 minutes per game just ain’t worth the money Detroit spent on him. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, tho, because his shooting percentages are way off his career average. Right now, he is hitting 0,05% less from the field and his free throw percentage fell by 0,1%. This maybe doesn’t sound like much, but it is huge (0,450 FG-% is way better than 0,400 FG-%). By finding the spots on the court he likes and starting to feel more comfortable out there, the percentages will rise and the rest of his game will improve accordingly.


CV-31 & BG-7

Ben Gordon is pretty much the opposite of everything you read above. Funny thing is, I thought that Charlie Villanueva would be the one that would look more impressive in the beginning, but obviously I was wrong. Ben Gordon looks like he played on this team for years – no transition period whatsoever. To be honest with you, I didn’t respect Ben Gordon so much, because I always thought he was one of those so-called ‘streaky shooters’ and I was afraid that we overpaid him because of the Boston – Chicago series in the last playoffs. I was so wrong. This guy deserves every penny (so far) he got signed for.

  • He never said a word about coming off the bench.
  • He can play with either Stuckey or Bynum on the court.
  • He can create his own shot or kick it out to an open teammate.
  • He can take it to the rim and finish like a bad, bad man.
  • He gives us the scoring we need off the bench or takes over Rip’s spot while he is injured – no problem for BG

This guy is ridiculous. So far, he dropped 25 points per game and dished out 3 assists while also having enough time to grab 3.6 boards per game. Looking at his current stats, he is on a pretty nice way to career highs in points, rebounds, steals and field goal percentage while also having the lowest turnover-rate of his career even tho he has more ballhandling duties than ever before. Is there anything more we can ask for?

So, Ben Gordon is doing his thing better than ever and if Villanueva steps his game up in the next few games, there won’t be a question about if Joe Dumars signed the right guys to complete the Detroit Pistons core.

BTW: Funny stat I stumbled upon: Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva have the same career high in ‘points scored in a single game’. 48 points – plus, both did it in a game against Milwaukee.