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2009/11/27 – NBA games to watch

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12 games tonight – if you don’t have the league pass your options are limited to a few games, but if you are lucky enough to call the league pass your own, you have to choose which games to watch (tough situation, isn’t it? Nearly as tough as ‘Sophie’s Choice’…but not quiet there yet). We’ll try to help you a bit with that.

Southeast Showdown

Washington Wizards @ Miami Heat

The Wizards aren’t as good as people thought they would be before the season. Their chemistry on the court and in the locker room isn’t quiet what it used to be a few years ago when they made their little run in the playoffs (LeBron put a quick end to that). With the return of Antawn Jamison, still one of the most underrated players in the game, you have to watch out for them.

Miami on the other hand is the exact opposite. Nobody believed in them, they started the season on a pretty nice winning streak, but now they are falling apart midway through. They still won 6 of their last 10, so don’t let the hype get to you.

Going against a division rival usually results in a way more intense game, so keep an eye on this one (it’s on ESPN – shouldn’t be too hard). Not the best game tonight, but it has a lot of what we like to call ‘buzzerbeater-potential’.

Atlantic Showdown

Toronto Raptors @ Boston Celtics

#1 and #2 from the Atlantic divison will meet tonight at 07:30 pm. How awesome is this game going to be? Playing a division rival and both teams feel to need to prove themselves to the audience…

Toronto isn’t looking as good as you would expect by taking a look at their roster. Chris Bosh is playing out of his mind, but his supporting cast isn’t quiet there yet. Turkoglu (pretty overrated in my humble opinion, but a good player nonetheless) needs to step his game up and I’m pretty sure he wants to repeat his awesome performance from the last playoffs. Do you think the Celtics still remember this one?

I’m sure they do. A little extra motivation can’t hurt. The Celtics, who won 11 games so far by the way, are getting it from the media lately – Sheed can’t shoot, the don’t defend like they used to, Garnett isn’t as good as he was before his injury…bla bla bla…this guys will go for the kill tonight, no taking prisoners approach.

If you can only watch one game tonight and you aren’t a fan of a particular team, I’d go with this one.

Honorable mentions

San Antonio Spurs @ Houston Rockets

Okay, yeah, putting a game like this in as a honorable mention is a shame, I know. This is one of the better match-ups tonight, but not as good as watching KG go against Bosh. It is better as Miami vs. Wizards, tho. I’m too lazy to edit it…anyway, watch this game if you are into team basketball and want to know how the game is supposed to be played instead of how most teams play it. The Rockets are always a joy to watch and the Spurs…well, if it wasn’t for injuries, they would have a better record, but they will come through when it matters – like every year.

Atlanta Hawks @ Philly 76ers

The team that is and the team that could be – for me, they were pretty much the same team for a long time: athletic, got a decent go-to guy, lacked a few shooters to put them over the top…one team got Bibby, Crawford and improved a lot while the other…well, still has Andre Igoudala and Williams was coming into his own before he got injured for the next 8 weeks.

Expect a fast, fun-to-watch game, but it won’t be close, I guess.

Los Angeles Clippers @ Detroit Pistons

Yeah, I know, nobody but a fan would watch this game, but well…this is a Pistons blog and I’ll take this game over all the other games any day. Crazy, I know, but I guess I’ll have to live with it.


Pistons @ Wizards Recap, 03/28/2009

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The Pistons snapped their three-game losing streak with a win against the Arenas’ lead Washington Wizards. The Chicago win over Indiana put some pressure on Detroit tonight.

  • Detroit shot 66.7% from three tonight. Just been lucky? No, sir! The Wizards did a very bad job on the defensive end, forgetting to rotate on defense and leaving the Pistons wide open for corner 3s – Rip drained four threes from exactly the same spot in the 3rd quarter.
  • Only looking at your opponent isn’t good defense, Washington. Rotating is better.
  • Gilbert Arenas played his first game in a long time and he looked pretty comfortable out there. He was doing his thing, finding open teammates, getting to the line…and he drained a three from far, far away. A bit rusty, but looking way better than I expected. His highlights:
  • Agent Zero finished with 15 points and 10 assists in 30 minutes.
  • Antawn Jamison is still one of the most underrated players out there. We had no answer for his shooting, but the Wizards stopped going to him for some unknown reason.
  • The only Wizards playing some defense were McGuire and Crittenton – their hustle brought the Wizards back into the game in the 4th quarter.
31 points - 5/9 from 3pt

31 points - 5/9 from 3pt

  • Rip led our team with a game-high 31 points on 11/29 shooting. The rest of our starters was a combined 17/31 so Rip nearly took as many shots as the rest of our starters.
  • Our three-point shooting was key in this game. Rip hit 5/9 while Prince hit all 3 of his attempts from deep and Herrmann was also flawless on his 2 shots from downtown.
  • Kwame Brown and Antonio McDyess both grabbed double digit rebounds.
  • Will Bynum and Jason Maxiell really brought some energy from the bench. Will scored 9 points and dished out 4 assists, but also fumbled a few balls in the 4th quarter that were very costly.
  • Maxiell brought his A-game for this one. 10 points, 7 boards (5 on the offensive boards) and 2 blocks.
13 pts - 6 assists - 5 rebounds

13 pts - 6 assists - 5 rebounds

  • Rodney Stuckey was all over the place when he was on the floor. Scoring, dishing out assists, crashing the boards.
  • The game was close at the end of the 4th and as you can see in the video, the non-call was a big one for us. I’m not saying it should have been a foul (because it wasn’t), but Wade would have got some free-throws – if you know what I’m saying. Good that the players were allowed to decide the outcome this time.

NBA Europe Live Tour – Berlin

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Well, as you can see, we are back and we have some pics for you. Unfortunately they took away our camera in the arena so there is no video…too bad, I know. Couldn’t change it. Maybe next time…

O2 Arena (Berlin)

O2 Arena (Berlin)

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate


Best place in the whole arena 🙂

We’ll probably add some better pictures soon, but it will take a while.